Our Mission

To teach people how to apply the fundamental principles of personal finance
to create the lifestyle they desire in all economic condition and phases of life,
with dignity, excellence and service; leaving all with an impression of increase.


To help people shift their wealth paradigm and apply the fundamental principles of personal finance, to create the lifestyle they desire!


To help people create financial independence and wealth, in any economy by teaching how to become steward’s of personal finance!


To help people plan and manage their cash flow to minimize expenses, liabilities, and risk, while, investing in assets that produce income!

Our Story

     The establishment of Donumvita in 2019, was literally the realization of a 10 year vision. After the bottom of the “Great Recession” in 2009, we identified a need in the marketplace, for a financial education company that focuses on helping people to make, keep, and grow money, in all phases of the economic cycle.


     We believe, that “Life is a Gift”. An opportunity to discover and develop the unique gifts, skills, and talents, that we are born with… so that we may apply them in the service of other’s. Unfortunately, most of us don’t understand how to realize our full potential.


     Years of research, study and application have taught us that paradigms are subconscious thoughts, decisions, and actions that govern our successes and failures. Faulty paradigms form negative feedback loops that sabotage our results, over and over again. Learning how the mind works, empowers us to breakthrough perceived limitations and realize the results we desire, through the conscious reprogramming of the subconscious mind.


     Our results prove, that principle-based money management and planning, executed with an abundance mindset cultivates economic independence and wealth, in the fiat economy.

- EST. 2019 -


Investing In People

Our Founders

Marc J. Vasquez

Began his career in the financial services industry, as a financial advisor, after retiring from the VF Corporation, in 2000. Immediately, he was introduced to Nelson Nash, and the concepts of Becoming Your Own Banker and Infinite Banking. Since then, he has been an advocate of living benefits, tax-advantaged growth and predictable income-for-life. Marc is a devoted father, grandfather and husband to his high school sweetheart of more than 50 years.

Lucy U. Vasquez

Began her career in the financial services industry as a recruiter and mentor to new advisors in 2008, after retiring from a 30 year career in education, with the FUSD. She is a natural born leader, who leads by example, and doesn’t tolerate any funny business. She has truly perfected the art of drawing-out the best in others. Lucy is a devoted mother, grandmother and wife of more than 50 years.

Marc C. Vasquez

Began his career in the financial services industry, as an investment adviser, in 2006. Over his first thirteen years, he would experience both the “Great Recession,” and the the longest secular bull market, on record, from trough-to-peak. In 2019, Marc co-founded Donumvita, so people could leverage his experiences to create financial independence, wealth and the standard-of-living they desire, in all economic conditions.

Our Principles

“Our principles not only define who we are, they compel us to 

help you realize your full potential and create the lifestyle you desire.”

We believe that we exist to do Gods work. God being the creator… Gods work is creation.

We challenge ourselves and each other to discover, develop, and fulfill our potential.

We lead by example and practice what we teach. 

We do what we say when we say we’re going to.

We measure our success by our client’s results.

We treat others the way we like to be treated.   

We are driven to personal development and peak performance, everyday.

We are driven to help you fulfill your potential and create the life you desire. 

We believe in rendering more service than we are compensated for.